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David Poppie  Easthampton, MA

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About David

David Poppie uses exclusively recycled material for his art. Discarded objects, ranging from used tea bags and matchbook strikes to plastic cutlery and bottle caps are assimilated en masse to be used in his large-scale two and three-dimensional sculptures.

He calls them ‘the discards of contemporary culture,’ and hopes that his work will drive one to reconsider the function and value of objects that are used once and then throw away. Influenced by Minimalism, his aim is to comment in some way on contemporary life.

His work has been exhibited across the United States.

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"love the first piece. reminds me of when you look out the window on a sunny day and it reflects a beam of light. thanks for sharing"

"Aerial view of a rice paddy worker's hat?"

"This piece is amazing...I'm a glass artist and would love to see something like this using recycled glass and illuminated from behind. His work is awesome! Discared materials are not trash...but a medium in which we can different than paint! I love it!"

"Check out his web-site... some interesting ideas. Particullary liked the 'Mix Tape" ones."

"While I find the work impressive, striking, and even evocative, the artist's apparent regard for his medium ("the discards of contemporary culture" rather than "trash") strikes me as exceedingly pretentious not to mention inaccurate as these items are NOT exclusive to CONTEMPORARY culture and have been discards (trash) throughout many eras.If you want to create something honest, do it honestly."

"Landfills are more imaginative and plural."

"Look's like Walt Disney drank to much.HaHa."

"This looks amazing! The colors are very eye-catching, and when I looked at the first piece, I thought that it was painted. I would've never thought to do anything like it! Overall, an awesome piece of art."

"Love the vibrant colors! So creative."

"Love the vibrant colors! Your use of everyday, disposable objects reminds me very much of Chris Jordan's work, who I very much admire :)"

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