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Cima Rahmankhah  Los Angeles, CA

'She is pickled'
'Her oven is blind'

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About Cima

Cima Rahmankhah was born and raised in Iran. In 2000 she moved to the United States. She is currently working towards an MFA at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles.

Rahmankhah works in various media, including painting, installation, video. Her work deals with stigmas, explores the aesthetics of power, and finally compares the ways in which power structures differ from culture to culture.

Her work has been shown in the United States and abroad, and was featured in the latest issue of New American Paintings.

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"very good tealent i like it so much keep it up this good work"

"At first I was a casual observer of the two paintings.After taking a second look, I was intrigued and amazed that the images are vibrantly alive and glowing, have soul with a internal gleem showing through their eyes. Wait a minute this was supposed to show a sad stereotype, and yet the women in the picures are about to exlode into a butterfly, a metamorphosis into a higher being, while keeping their internal delicacy.Then I thought maybe that is the artist herself, ascending and excelling into a higher dimention."

"I looked at both for a long time. In fact I could not get enough especially the first one due to amazing level of details. Great Job !"

"At first I thought I knew what social stereotype these two pieces of art represent. So I casually glanced and left. After a second look, I was intrigued and realized how vibrarntly alive the images are. Wait a minute they are supposed to represent a sad stereotype but the images almost glow and seem to have souls with a gleem of hope in their eyes as if they want to explode into a higher being, a metamorphosis that is about to happen the next second.I think that is probably the artist herself who is exceling to a higher dimention..."

"Love the pickled one â€" so light, and yet so profound… Watching her watch (is she?), shelved, .."

"Wonderful work! Great idea! Keep up the good work:)"

"Beautiful work! The first picture feels to me like the woman is expressing her true personality through the shot of red toenail polish - all her passion is depicted there. The second picture is a reminder that the unborn don't know the ugliness of the world yet. Very different - but still beautiful!"

"very sexy,love the touch of red, without it there would be a different message."

"Wonderful paintings, nice work. :)"

"I love the beautiful faces of the pregnant women in the 2nd piece."

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