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Tran Nguyen  Savannah, GA

'When you leave behind a fragmented memory'
'And our world came tumbling after'

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About Tran

Tran Nguyen is a Vietnamese artist now living in the United States. She holds a BFA in fine art and illustration from Savannah Colege of Art and Design.

The natural surrounding of her current home of Savannah, Georgia, is frequently incorporated into her work, which is otherwise dominated by surrealist imagery.

‘I find interest in illustrating the universal emotions we come across in everyday living’ she says, ‘emotions that are tucked away, deep inside our psyches.’

Her work has been exhibited in New York City, Los Angeles and London.

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"I can dig universal emotions. You have a beautiful way of seeing the world."

"surreal reality..."

"beautiful work - interesting mix of East + West"


"i love staring into 'when you leave behind a fragmented memory'"

"It looks so real.Like a picture.I like it......"

"Images are mundane. Very commercial."

"Excellent drawing skills...beautiful coloring choices and effects...imho, just a bit of work needed on hair and some of the fabric draping...they look somewhat flattened. Floating, wafting, flowing effects might be better...There is no way I could draw as beautifully as you..."

"Though surrealism is usually one of my lesser areas of interest, this young artist forays into the medium cause me to stand and take notice. Her thought processes and presentations are intriguing and very, very well done. There is lightness and playfulness and yet often great sensitivity for the deeper and sometimes painful things of life. She works with an adept and delicate touch and line. I think her inclusion of unexpected graphics (gold block diamonds, etc.) is exciting, effective, surprisingly pleasing and happily balances a work rather than being overpowering or a disconnected distraction. My only detraction would be that I don't like her presentation of hands. In several works they appear stiff and, at times, disjointed, disproportionate or awkwardly placed. Then, in other works, they appear perfectly done and add to the feelings or symbolism. I haven't figured out why the differences. Beyond all that, very well done. You are a welcome addition to the art of today!"

"The delicate beauty of this work is phenomenal! How very expressive it is! The illusions that are so "quietly" used almost take you to another world. Thank you for this wonderful taste of beauty!"

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