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Fionn McCabe  Los Angeles, CA

'A big salty apology'
'Another electric nap'

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About Fionn

Fionn McCabe studied printmaking at the Massachusetts college of Art and Design. In 2005 he co-founded Oh Nancy, an art collective in Boston.

Using contradiction and symbolism, the collaborative work of Oh Nancy focuses primarily on the nature of fanaticism and the American hero.

McCabe now lives in Los Angeles, California, but he remains active in the collective as one among three directors.

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"Awsome. Inspiring. Keep it up Fionn"

"nothing delineated, no precise contours...very busy pictures, all is jumbled. to you, the viewer to unravel, unknot just about every line, perspective, colour: this initially would be your viewing experience. this is not a picture from hell...the artist only is conveying lack of shape and form!"

"Well...I'm feeling it! Going on the desktop, cheers!"

"Crazy man! You are totally crazy! (in a good way)I love it! It reminds me of a mix between past, present, and future!"

"interesting but i think maybe something needs to be developed more. the black and white are so difficult to look at because there is so many blobs of black and white fighting eachother"

"Very Cool. So many things to look at. Kind of like "Where's Waldo""

"cool. I like the idea behind it and the almost vinatge look."

"I enjoy art like this that takes awhile to ingest everything. I think it was the right idea to use the black and white, but I wonder what it would be like if the artist did some full color ones. I kind of get the feeling that things are just placed randomly just to take up all of the space though, the pieces lack heirarchy in my opinion."

"darlene...too much too comprehend at once...perhaps your interpretation of the world is different but to tell another that less is more in his(hers)is absurd."

"Way to much chaos for me to enjoy. Less would have been more here."

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