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Tom Deininger  Bristol, RI

'Self Portrait'

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About Tom

Tom Deininger received a BFA with honors from Salve Regina University.

His first commission was to produce two large paintings for a local church. He used his earnings on a ticket to Europe and subsequently moved around for most of his twenties, painting and selling his work.

In 1999, Deininger returned to the United States, to Newport, Rhode Island, where he currently lives.

His work has been exhibited and collected worldwide.

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"This is beautiful. It proves that other people's junk is someone else's art and treasure."

"Wow! Absolutely amazing. Everytime I look at it I see something diferent. Extremely talented artist. I like your style!!"

"these are SO cool! AWESOME!!!! Amazing skill and talent! So creative. Really good."

"Amazing work. Trully brilliant. Thanks for sharing your process."

"VERY VERY nice!!!"

"I like it a'lot! It kind'a peeves me when people are quick to say.."oh, that's been done b4!" etc. So I guess all the lovers and historians of Art are misguided when they call an artist a surrealist, or an impressionist, da-da'ist, industrialism, communist! NO! LOL! jking jking on that last one.heheheeeeAnyhow isn't everybody influenced potentially by anything that makes up their environment, world-view- culture..blah blah blah blah blah blahMe & my ADD really enjoy this AAD!"

"very cool........Yes, this is "Very Cool" I'Ve probably said that 60 gazillion times since the 60's.It was Very Cool then, as it is now. Cool!!!!!!"

"very cool"

"Too strange. Anything I can't hang in my house I don't like."

"It kinda looks like a cross between Marilyn Monroe & Kelly McGillis from top gun, But Yes I Like!!! thanks for doing it."

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