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Altamash Urooj  Dubai, UAE

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About Altamash

Altamash Urooj is an award-winning art photographer of Pakastani and Venezuelan origin. He grew up in Karachi, received a BFA in photography from the American University in Dubai, and now works as a professional art and commercial photographer.

Urooj is a foremost member of Basically Human, an artist collective, and the founder of another collective, A106. His work ranges from photography and stop motion film to performance art and installation, often in combination.

He won a Shiekha Manal’s Young Artists Award in 2009 and his work has been exhibited at galleries across the United Arab Emirates including The Empty Quarter, Art Space, Ayyam Gallery and Meem Gallery. Basically Human has exhibited abroad at University of Arizona in Tuscon and School of Visual Art gallery in New York.

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"The one with the person wrapped in a blue sheet makes me think of a person frozen in ice and the other one makes the think of people on fire burning up in flames, pretty cool if you ask me."

"I am not sure about the back seems pretty dark. I keep trying to make out what is actually in the background, but can't get a fix on it. One moment it seems like I see a lamp and a pineapple in the back...the next it looks like there is a red door with a pentagram.It also seems like the subject (Gollum from "The Lord of the Rings"?) is all blue. Is that the artists intention?Whatever the case, I won't be running to get prints at Walgreens!"

"This makes me think of what feeling trapped in depression,feeling helpless in a situation, suffocating and almost blinded to anything but the darkness that has veiled its self around you. Or its just a really good artists use of color, lighting, material and the human body :): either way when i first saw it it took my breath and its beautiful."

"Very elegant, yet simple. Such a different form of art but I really like it."

"I love the simple forms transformed into an array of shades and lines. The vibrant color lends perfectly to lighting and angles; the simple complexity is inspiring."


"there is an imagination clouded by a spoiled brat."

"The image in blue of a single, enshrouded body is quite intriguing. I'm not so much a fan of the photo in red of stacked image, but that's just my personal taste."

"Looks like a person in a sheet, not real creative. Not feeling it. The other speaks to me ... wrinkled sheets."

"The body language is interesting, looking over the shoulder, pulling the arms close to the chest, crouched low and turned into the body. I know how this feels, the emotion is conveyed well. I've seen something like this before, but the use of dark and blue, the sheet, it all works for me. I think it's powerful."

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