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Guest curator: Michael Ruple  
Director, Arcadia Contemporary

About Michael

Michael Ruple is the Director of Arcadia Contemporary in New York, NY. He was previously the Coordinator at Swains Galleries in NJ and a professor at the duCret School of Art where he taught painting, drawing and the Science of Paint. Before entering a career in the art world Michael trained at the Art Students League and duCret School of Art with focus in representational painting. Michael lives and works Bushwick Brooklyn.

Michael's selections

Martin Wittfooth

Brooklyn, NY


I've had the pleasure of getting to know Martin over the past few years and (we only live a few blocks away from each other in Brooklyn) its has been a real honor to see the works and the individual evolve with each experience, painting and exhibition. His works have a dystopian point of view but if you look just beyond the surface you'll find a real sensitivity for the human condition which is the true inspiration for the work.


John Brosio

Pasadena, CA


John is the only artist from Arcadia Contemporary that I included in this group. He truly is one of kind with his dark surreal style I feel like I am looking in something straight out of a Lars Von Trier film where the mood sucks you right in where you not only feel it but experience it!


Gehard Demetz

Selva di Val Gardena, Italy


Gerhard's sculptures are so unique with his use of hard edged pixelated blocks to the polished almost porcelain finish in his technique paired with the dark allegorical narrative using innocent children as his subject the duality is palpable! As you walk around his sculptures you get an eye into his process while at the same time seeing the work either glitch out one pixel at a time or masterfully coming into hyper focus!


Jeremy Geddes

Melbourne, Australia


When I think of contemporary narratives in representational painting I immediately go to Jeremy Geddes. With most artists I find they use foreshadowing where the narrative is approaching a climax, that moment right before right before you loose your breath or jump in your seat. Whats unique about Jeremy's work is I am left having to work backwards as he has fearlessly put you right at the apex of the curve in that moment you gasp and do not know how or where this started. Coupled with his flawless draftsmanship and technique


Eric White

Brooklyn, NY


It's funny at first I was not sure if I liked Eric's work but in 2012-13 I shared studio space with him and few other artists in a loft in Gowanus Brooklyn where I got the chance to get to know him and watch the paintings progress on a weekly basis. The dichotomy of pop culture and surrealism in his works leaves me in this familiar grey area where I am stuck between my parents the "baby boomer" mid century generation and the post Reagan/present day that I belong to... Its a complicated feeling and maybe why I didn't like it at first but in the end its what makes his work so successful


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