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Marumiyan  Fukuoka City, Japan

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About Marumiyan

Born 1985, Fukuoka, Japan. Currently living and working in Fukuoka City. Influenced by his father, Marumiyan began to draw pictures in his early childhood. His specialty is collage, made by blending photographs and freehand drawings. He works with various media, such as posters, flyers, packages, websites and CD jackets. He has recently been chosen as one of the ’10 top artists” on the design magazine MdN (Japan).

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"How do I get in connect with the artist? Would love to buy some of his work?"

"There is only one that i like but i cant remember the name of it but i am learning about him in graphic art at school"

"very good"

"I am studying marumiyan for graphic art and it is rare that I feel this inspired. His work is brilliant and every other synonym for that word and it's a pleasure to study him."

"I think there freaking AMAZING im using some for my art work for insperation (:"


"does anybody know what the media is for these?im writing a mini paper on his artgah"

"i think is very different, the picture have something that make all people who look this picture feel emotion for it.(it,s really masterpeace with good thingking)"

"I love it, it's a very goog work"

"hiyah the pictures are amasing what are the names of them? keep up the good work"

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