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John Ross  London, UK

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About John

Ross’s “Blood” series gives a new perspective on the human form. Equal parts beautiful and intriguing the work stands alone. The “Dyes” series is a mesmerizing look at beauty of motion. John is represented by the Lisa Pritchard Agency.

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""Disturbing and unpleasant"????Are you SERIOUS?! Art is SUPPOSED to be "disturbing and unpleasant" at times! Ever heard of Dali? There are plenty of artists who use their work to shock people out of their comfort zones. Don't knock this artist's work just because you don't understand it and it scares you. It's supposed to catch your interest and make you think. And to the artist: This is lovely. Wonderful!:]"

"only two words. LOVE IT!!!"

"This is so mystifying. So surreal. I love it!"

"No one can compare your work to this...let them try..."

"your work is amazing and truly artistic. you have a wonderful perception on spacial value. YOU ROCK!!!!"

"I agree with DISTURBING AND UNPLEASANT. And also gross....."

"Wow. These are beautiful. I want to see more ^^"

"The unseen is art as well"

"The earthy and watery aspects are great, especially when added to the human parts, such as the hand in the top one, or the blood in the latter."


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