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Patrick Bremer  Berlin, Germany

'Siren of Titan'
Collage on board
Collage on board

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About Patrick

Patrick Bremer grew up in Brighton, England and received his BFA from Wimbledon School of Art in London.

Previously a painter, he started experimenting with collage as a medium due to the price of paint and a pile of National Geographic magazines in the corner destined for the skip. Since then he has gained recognition for his figures and portraits pieced together from stories and images from books picked up at the local market each weekend.

Patrick has won the DeLazlo Award from the Royal Society of Portrait Painters for his figurative work. He used to be a secondary school teacher, and has led a range of workshops in collage, most recently at the V & A Museum as part of the This is Bowie exhibition. Patrick has exhibited in a number of exhibitions throughout Europe and South Korea.

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Patrick Bremer
2011-05-08 @ 3:20 PM
Thankyou all for your comments! Follow me on facebook - for updates about my work and exhibitions

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I too use collage in my watercolors, a good stimulus for imagination. I will be having a show in Munick at a University? close to may 18, 2015. barb

Excellent work, by all.

I am 76 years old. I never so in my life a collage like the ones that you do.
Congratulations you are an ARTIST !!!!!!!!

Patrick Bremer is an inspiration to al artists who like the newspaper

Love your work. Would like to know how it's done. I'm a artist in oil,but would like to do something in a collage.

Interested in classes that you hold. went to the Art College in Brighton years ago. Pauline

that is amazing!! Love it

I think the images here are terrific. Congrats to the artist.

This is AMAZING!

Working in collage myself, I see this as a lot of work. A lot more difficult than most people imagine to make the image work. I have some images and posters from my life in Prague that will be my next collage. I hope it can be as successful. It will be a 4X6 on panel. Exciting!

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