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Armin Mersmann  Midland, MI


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About Armin

Armin Mersmann was born in Remscheid, Germany in 1955, and in 1962, along with his parents he immigrated to the United States. Mersmann grew up in an artistic environment and was greatly influenced and tutored by his father, Fritz, a successful oil painter. Mersmann lives in Midland, Michigan where he is the Artist in Residence and Art School Manager at Midland Center for the Arts. He shares a studio with his wife Valerie Allen, an accomplished artist in her own right. Mersmann’s works have been shown in more than 150 exhibitions regionally, nationally and internationally.

Armin explains the work by saying, “These drawings took up to 1800 hours but time stands still when I work it’s a sanctuary of both mind and spirit. Afterflood and Simplicity of Silence were at times horrendously repetitive, I would sit at the drawing board almost on the verge of hanging it up, but I know at these time I have to rise to the occasion and work thought it. I took no short cuts, I stuck to every branch if they heightened the vision and left out only the ones that took away from the flow. I have experienced every snow flake every twig and branch every shadow and highlight this is a journey that taking a photo could never give me. Because of this hyper-involvement I hope to share my visions with the viewer in a way that a photo cannot do. This obsessive act translates to the viewer in a complete different manner. I’m not interested so much in any particular “ism”, photorealism or hyper-realism per say, but I am interested to show the viewer just how I see my world. What I do not want to do is just copy a photo but translate and reinvent it with my knowledge, imagination and artistic language, the photos are only a maps, finding the treasure is within me.”

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"drawing or photograph?"

"Amazing pencil work!"

"Haunting. I love photorealistic paintings."

"Wonderful, beautiful. I am a fellow Michigander from Muskegon."

"very sensative. in the eyes of the beholder."

"Thought provoking imagery,wonderful technique."

"Technique is superb,imagery disturbing ina way that mkes me want to understand.thanks for sharing!"

"I Love your work!!! I am very inspired by the time you took and the intricate detail of them"

"the works of a person of great depths and vision. a teacher who shows us that we all have our own inner self available for exploration, a place that can stretch on endlessly"

"Wow, that is amazing! Those are some real skills! Those eyes look like they could be photographs! Amazing! So much talent! Love those trees in the first one! Super cool look. I really like it!"

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