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Ilana Manolson  Concord, MA


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About Ilana

Ilana Manolson received a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 1982. Earlier, she studied at Goddard College and Dawson College.

In her large-scale she aims to capture all the vibrancy of nature with patience and an attention to detail that she attributes to her training to be a naturalist. ‘I look at the small to make sense of larger truths,’ she says.

Manolson starts each painting with a base layer of rich color before applying more translucent layers. Then, she selectively scratches and sands, to create a dimensional experience of luminosity, line, and texture.

‘My paintings, both objects and images, are a metaphor for change and the connection between seasonal transience and the mystical stillness at its center,’ she says.

In 2010, Manolson was awarded a Distinguished Artist and Teacher in Residence by the Rocky Neck Art Colony. Her work has been exhibited across the United States.

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"this is an amazing piece of work it is so abstract and tells so many stories"

"Love the freshness of the brushwork and the mystery it resonates with."

"This is what I love about these two paintings and the work I saw on Ilana's website - they're interesting without her adding a surreal twist or an odd juxtaposition to intrigue us. They're also beautiful."

"I like it, feel wet."

"Not too shabby, Ilana. :) So cool to find you here!"

"Briliant, absolutely beautiful. Great work."

"MY SLIGHT REVIEWpic a; adulterations of nature that causes unrest."

"I love this work"

"fantastic.. i love the color palette on the first one and i'm a huge fan of the drip technique"

"intensitify - exhilaration - passion - these are the words I describe Ilana Manolson paintings - I am enthralled with the collection "TWICE REFLECTED" - please visit her site -RABIN"

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