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Rob Sato  Los Angeles, CA

'The mad guard'
Watercolor on Arches
'Out of shift'
Watercolor on Mohachi paper

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About Rob

Rob Sato was born and raised in Sacramento and received his BFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts. Now based in Los Angeles, he produces rich and detailed imagery, which mixes stark horror with quiet beauty and humor.

Sato intends for his paintings inhabit a place between observed and imagined worlds. His work has been exhibited across California.

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'Horse Power'




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"love it!!! he is a truly amazingly gifted artist!!! very creative!!!"

"A compulsive shopper who can't stop talking...."

"For me at least this is deeply disturbing. So disturbing in fact that I don't want to look at it or understand the message behind it, which is a shame since the message is good and many could learn from it!"

"Reminds me of Monty Python."

"wow! that's amazingly creepy but verry creative."

"OMG this is the weard and scary and cool at the same time"

"amazing. i'll def be following his career. some people are so dumb. everyone thinks they're critic. verbally masturbate somewhere else. rob sato is obviously an extremely talented draftsmen, painter, and storyteller. thanks for sharing rob!"

"One heck of a sandwich!"

"i love how its disturbing, depressing, and wonderful all at the same time. It can hold soo many different meanings but still be amazing. The best part is that it doesn't make sense."

"i LOVE IT!!!!!"

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