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Keegan Gibbs  Malibu, CA

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About Keegan

Keegan Gibbs was born into a family of artists and raised by the sea. He derscribes his photography as a method to express his love of ‘all things salt water.’

Since he graduated film school several years ago, Gibbs has spent a lion’s share of his time surfing, taking photos, and shooting videos. ‘I surf as much as I possibly can,’ he says. His website can be considered a diary as well as a creative portfolio.

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'The Sea'




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"I found both of these images really interesting and wanted to see more of Keegan's work. After reviewing his entire website, though, I have to say that these images don't seem to representative of his art at all. They seem like odd choices, after discovering most of his work is images of surfers and surfboards."

"MY REVIEWpic a; mankind, mustering the unlimited force of nature from a seemingly insignificant portion of rest.pic b; bargain for the photons of light by two elements"

"The mirror-image clouds on water photograph is gorgeous. I feel balance inside, looking at it. Composition's terrifically done.The single woman in the sea: My first THOUGHT was 'The shore has to be right there, even though we can't see it," and that means it caused enormous unease for me."

"The horizons in both paintings indicate different distances from the zooming lens of the viewer...the first almost imperceptible; almost like some of the blurry foggy strokes on the second painting. and what is that elongated skinny figure floating? from this angle, it looks very long and tall. everyone looks elongated in such position. Christ went to the wilderness...perhaps the open sea is the representation in the first painting of the wilderness. the first painting i refer to is the one from the top of the page, not from the bottom. i view the images in a scrolling down manner, not gravitating upwards. like windows current blinds in the market, nowadays, that are motorised. they can be rolled from the top and the bottom. no doubt the ability of the artist to paint waves, the ocean is undisputed, in the first's repetitve which makes his work uniform, almost mechanical, mass produced, if you like. in the second painting, such tendance is broken. the artist discards the grey, strangely not always found in works depicting nature. usually, the browns and greens jam the eyes in such depictions.refer to Constable's paintings. they always go recognised easily!grey usually denotes high seas, torrential waters...the 'second' seas are calmer, waters are limpid, golden...another season. does gold cost like water? water is the source of life, humans drink water and not gold! perhaps in ancient legends and mythologies, gold represented the lively force of may still be happening. i know when i am thirsty i drink water!the horizon is much closer. perhaps a hint on a better ...perspective.the clouds occupy a large space, they are even low, more than usual, perhaps because they are very swollen and heavy...the second picture has it all, all the elements of nature...hopefully working in unison and not in conflict!in essence, do you think, both paintings are nothing but one thing : the essence of man."


"Oh to be that relaxed and calm and free with one's self and nature."

"First of all this is a photo not a painting so I'm not very impressed. The lighting could be better and the person could be less posed. It isn't as emotional or striking as some people make it out to be..."

"That looks like deep water, that's a deep image of a man floating in deep water."

"Is he lost in sea? It seems to me that it is both despair and hope. Despair because he might never reach shore. Hope because he is still swimming. He hasn't yet given up."

"why'd u hold onto such a bleak moment?Send out JOY, not desperation...Just "a word to the wise" ..."

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