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Larissa Morais  Orange, CA

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About Larissa

Larissa Morais received a BFA from the Moscow Theatrical Arts Institute and later attended the Graduate School of Restoration and Conservation to study the restoration and conservation of 15th and 16th century paintings. She considers that to restore a painting is to paint your own strokes to history.

In her own work, Morais is influenced by all manner of personal experience. Her preferred subject is the human figure, which she likens to architecture. The male and female figures are realistically painted and often intimately posed, but never quite animate.

Morais paints on large, black canvas in thin layers of oil paint, light on dark. She strives to capture every detail of her subject, for she sees it there. ‘It exists,’ she says. ‘My job is merely to uncover it.’

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'Double Exposure'

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"Your technique is magnificant! Thank heaven that you share your talent with all of us instead of just restoration, not that restoring isn't important. Thank you!"

"I love the man with the other coming out! It's exemplifying a split personality to me, and its very emotional. It very much explains how people feel all the time, and yes I'm talking to those people who think they're perfect. Perfect is such a big word, nobody can truly full fill it."

"Amazing stuff!"

"Both pics shown are impeccable. The first is stirring in it's own right. To me, it showed two sides of the same man. Dressed with his hat or cap, his hand position gives me the sense of timidity (?), or looking away as if not interested or concerned, or caught up in looking at something (?), however the real him IS looking the other way, appearing confident, yet wary, looking the other way... keeping an eye out... or was he really interested in something else? Anyway, this goes to show that it caused much thought and pondering. Thanks for sharing such talent! Oh! The second, looks like a woman arising out of the 'many fish in the ocean,' standing out among the rest, and we can see why. She is beautiful! :)"

"Weird blend of colors and shades. I don't quite know what it's saying but I like that about it! I really do."


"Awesome work..."

"Interesting and creatively inventive. Although my preference is for the challenge and relationship of the figurative work, I did appreciate the delicacy and skill of her site's gallery of floral works."

"u really hav talent i luv the vibrant colors i like how u brought more to the pic a sense of indiffrence and opion for those who understand more than just a pic the detail and power so nice u should relly be proud this is good no great stuff"

"That is great!! As an artist myself, I would love to have half your talent. Love it!!"

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