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Adrian Waggoner  Salt Lake City, UT

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About Adrian

Adrian Waggoner creates dynamic compositions by juxtaposing relatively large and flat shapes with figures. His paintings owe their depth to his textures and harmonious color combinations rather than colors individually, he says.

The simplicity of his work is intended to allow the viewer to interact with it, through the tension between two figures or of a single figure and its environment. Waggoner does this deliberately, since he wants for the viewer to bring a variable set of details to the work. His paintings are intended as a proxy for present condition.

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"Woah!! Check out this artist's website!! Definitely worth the visit."

"I love you work. The color and paint strokes are inspirational. I personally love the simplicity of your subject matter, and the opportunity it gives me to create my own story and let my imagination wander. Some how, I find myself relating personally to people in your paintings. I don't know who they are or what they're about, but I feel their expressions, their stance, their emotions or their lack thereof. Thanks for painting. Its a gift and I appreciate it."

"Love Love Love It! You tell a story in every piece you make, and let the viewer decide what to make of it. Your colors and paint strokes are inspiring. Thank you."

"Like both of these a lot, but the placement of the swimmer's feet is bugging the heck out of me. Swimmers don't launch from the middle of the platform; their toes are right at the edge, in line with their fingers. Lack of research or is there an artistic point to this? This, coupled with two other comments (lane 15 and one-armed swimmer), begins to turn this arresting image into a Find 6 Things Wrong With This Picture puzzle. Still, those yellow circles have me almost hypnotized..."

"I feel that this painter is wasting his wonderful talent and skill by copying Euan Uglow's poses and paint style. The poses are near exact replications of Euan Uglow's paintings. I'm afraid this artist has taken inspiration too far. I seriously hope for the integrity and well being of this artists career that he uses his great skill in much more creative inspiring ways."

"not quite "photorealism"very nice"

"This sings to me .Wonderful flow . Creates afeeling of confidence mixed with expectation .Very inspiring piece. Wonderful execution. I enjoyed looking at this painting of the swimmer very much."

"It reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting."

"The simplicity of these paintings only add to their beauty! Your attention to detail is very good. I really like everything about your style! Thank you."

"There is a kind of Norman Rockwell feel to these paintings but with a more modern twist. I really like them!"

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