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Celeste Byers  San Diego, CA

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About Celeste

Celeste Byers is a Southern California based artist and Illustration major at Art Center College of Design. Byers employs various media (though usually uses gouache: watercolor w/ a higher pigment-to-H2O ratio) creating artwork influenced by the magic of the natural world, experienced by her own expanding consciousness. From sculpture to sketches, Byers revels in her practically single-minded determination and an extensive (and nearly excessive) level of detail. While Byers isn’t conscious of her style when drawing, she knows that others see it in her art.

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"As per Bill Heatherly's recommendation, maybe we can meet some time in January? Joel"

"I really enjoyed meeting you last night, sorry about my girlfriend [insecure}Hope you'll stop by sometime soon Thanks, Robert"

"good and very intersting"

"the expression of this natural world is not represented by harmony, acceptable ratios between one figure and the's almost a's not picasso or dali, but the visual idea is still to be seen. does the artist hide or reveals something? you know that bull dominates just about everything...and those long white wheat it all there is? bull, meat, sheaves, beer? delicious!"

"im lovin this! theres so much goin on.."


"i love all paintings, when i was small i ALWAYS drew pictures! that reminds me of when i was a child. also i am in elementary school and i get a 4 which means an A on my report card for drawing. once again I LOVE IT!"

"Nice to see a young artist using gouache so well. Good luck at the Center!"

"simply ARE wonderful!"

"Extremely cool. Love it"

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