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Robert Bingaman  Kansas City, KS

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About Robert

Having grown up in the Western United States, I am marked by a sense of place. I have a tireless need to be out in the land, moving. I am drawn to that which is instilled with some faint murmur of isolation, emptiness, or the uncanny. I am disquieted by the insatiable nature of distance as I must go further and further to give rise to rare experience. The bold memories that I do return with are soon clichéd by the reality that no place is uncharted and unseen.

Out of an anxious need to permanently mark those rare, fleeting moments from “out there”, I photograph—and upon return, paint—what I have found. The tradition of painting invokes an understanding of land that is both cinematic and transfixed.

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"Love the interpretation. From Vegas and haven't see my home portrayed quite like this. The bursting array of colors on the Strip piece captures the dizzying feeling the atmosphere provides but in a truly new and refreshing way. My fav is the desert scene with the semi. The contrast is wonderful but so real."

"I get the sense that the paintings don't view well via computer and so I'm not judging them fairly. Although I like the concept, viewed in this manner, the paintings come across to me as artistically done illustration. His photography work, however, comes across as immediately artistic -- great feeling and intensity. Even in person, I believe I'd prefer his photography. But I know the same eye and artistic sense produces both."

"The images are very organic looking for being of man made structures. It gives them an alien quality."

"oh my god they're fantastic. love 'em!!!!!!!!!!!"


"A Water tower, Las Vegas, and some remote highway in the desert... yeah!!!"

"farout,alienish,But I liked them."

"Area 51 comes to mind when viewing the top one."

"The paintings remind me of the desert landscape and the plants that can heal that grow there, top opium poppy pod, middle, Aloe Vera, bottom, rugged locations where they grow."

"Easily some of the coolest artwork ive seen in the past two years on Artist a Day. Regarding the commentary on the blog...generally speaking people are idiots. Just a reminder to the artist...keep painting."

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