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Marc Sijan  Milwaukee, WI

'Bathing Beauty'

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About Marc

Marc Sijan’s Superrealistic sculptures are “homages to humanity’s fascination with its own forms — a fascination which has compelled artists throughout the millennia to mirror life in virtually every medium.” Sijan’s figures are incredibly lifelike, sensuous and graceful. In fact, they are so lifelike, they seem always on the verge of movement, a mere instant away from action. The pores in the skin, the tiny hairs, and veins; even the bald spots, the blemishes, the individual shapes of the faces that make human beings so similar, yet so unique: These are the essence of what makes Marc Sijan’s work so arresting.

Sijan, a Milwaukee-based artist, carries on the tradition of a very old form, but his approach is very modern. His realism recalls the work of the Greek sculptors in its bold expression of human energy and poise. But Sijan is not necessarily celebrating the ideal form. His figures are more gritty, more natural — a tribute to real people. Sijan’s work is similar to that of fellow artists Duane Hansen and John DeAndrea, who use lifelike human figures to express elements of the human condition and human relationships. But whereas his colleagues tend to express a kind of static existence, Sijan tries to capture a life force in full swing.

Quick facts about Marc

His creations have been featured in galleries, museums and special exhibits all over the world. They include the Smithsonian Museum of Modern Art in Washington, D.C, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Modern Art and the Milwaukee Art Museum.

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"I went to Washington High School and graduated in 1970. Marc was my art teacher! I still have my yearbook with the picture of a sun that he drew with his signature and the saying "you are my sunshine!!" I cherish it!!! Who knew you would go on to live a life of fame!!! P.S. He was a great art teacher!!!"

"Years back I had the rare opportunity of seeing some of your work in Oshkosh at the Paine Art Center. What a breathless display of hyperrealism! I had no idea that was even possible."

"I first saw Marc's work at Disney's Festival of the Arts. I purchased one of his creations - perhaps over 20 years ago. Still love it today."

"Marc, I have 6 of your lip plaques and absolutely love them. I would like to collect more of them. Could you tell me where they are sold? I live in the Bay Area, 94596. Many thanks."

"I have a piece of Sijan, is there a place I can contact the artist? I could not find a website for Marc."

"Totes my goats"


"Incredible! What are the materials used?"

"amazing, rivals the greek sculptors, his site has some amazing work."

"What material is he using to assemble these ?"

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