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Gabriel Grun  Buenos Aires, Argentina

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About Gabriel

Gabriel Grun, born in 1978 in Buenos Aires, has exhibited at Art Madrid, ArteBA, and the Cultural Center of Recoleta, Buenos Aires, among numerous other renowned spaces and galleries. He was only trained formally for a brief period before breaking away from a constrictive educational system that he finds contrary to his style as an artist.

His use of colors and natural elements in conjunction with the human body recall a time of innocence, purity, and the worshiping of all that is natural and beautiful.

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'Horse Power'


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@ Nessus

You think children should be taught, "as much shame and disgust of their own bodies as humanly possible"? Children should never be taught to be ashamed or disgusted of themselves, especially if you believe they are made in God's image. Nudity is not evil, it's the essential form of humanity and animals, as these beautiful paintings represent. There's no shame in it.

holy crap it's a horse!!

I would put it on my wall

I am not a prude, but wow... Not sure what to think of the group picture... interesting?..It's all art, I know...

yuck but awsome picture

i really injoyed looking at your work. what u see in your innocents of the women you have painted is the truth,because i see it also.u do wonderful work i hope to see more of you.

wow! i couldnt stop looking at this its just amazing....

@ ms independent:

I totally agree. Children are *far* too young to be informed that underneath our clothes everyone is naked. They are of the age when it is vital that they be taught as much shame and disgust of their own bodies as humanly possible.

You know, because they were made in God's image.

I love it! Want more of it!

I found this image to be opeque and original. It seems an intense amount of passion and implied structure to go along with this image. I appreciate a good unique piece

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