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Jonathan Vaughan  Tampa, FL

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The current direction of my work is an extension of my interest in the historical constructs of masculinity and its relationship to contemporary ideas of male gender identification. This focus first surfaced in a series of large-scale drawings that I produced in 2006 that utilized as their image source a number of art historical references, specifically works by Fragonard and Boucher whose works I was enamored with and whose brutish dismissal by Modernity profoundly affected me. The appropriated images I collected of works by these artists and others, in conjuncture with the anthropological and social theories I was studying at this time, led me to consider how the endorsement of ornament in my work was fueled by a personal desire to address our current cultural definition of maleness. These large-scale drawings began to exist as an environment in which my identification with the fop or macaroni of the Enlightenment period could be realized, supported, and enjoyed by others.

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"I quite like how your work makes the eye roam from one idea to the next which can be difficult to do when your subjects are layered and differnt sizes. I have to wonder as to what the picture of the man pinching the nipple of the other man means to you. In its original sense, it was the announcing of a pregnancy between to female cousins. Your interest in masculinity was refreshing and caused me to laugh out loud at all of the possibly offended over-the-top feminists out there. I'm a closet fop fan completely fascinated by the extremes once used. I hope one day, if you haven't already, you will do a self-portrait completely fopped out."

"Not everything has to be explained or in rational organization. Keep exploring this interesting topic. Don't stop asking those kind of questions."

"This is so stunning! I am so impress of the art work... I know that this art has deep meaning...I love it! 5 stars is the right rating dude! :)"

"reminds me hyeronimus bosch...great art"

"I think you are a talented artist, work for the whole family. There are a lot of people out here that wouldn't let certain family members see some of your work. To me, you are selling yourself short....Work for everyone..."

"I like the art....but the commentary is from some other planet."

"modern baroque....can we corner the analytics on this? or would that kill it? modern baroque.....from elizabeth the first to christ descending from the cross.....complicated...and wonderful.....leave it as great work....thanks...."

"Not so good. Traditional drawing ability - yes, but that is not so uncommon. From my experience, trying to make art out of ideas does not work so well. Explanations do not help the art. Anthropology and Art History can be interesting, but cannot help prop up mediocre art. If the work cannot speak for itself, then something is lacking."

"Good art had been copied for years but I don't see what it is you are doing here. Reinvent yourself!"

"LOVED IT but you should try to git here a shirt"

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