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Nolan Haan  Fort Lauderdale, FL

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About Nolan

I enjoy the challenge of my cinderblock series. If an artist paints a peacock, for example, the result is a beautiful painting of a beautiful bird. There is little challenge in this. But to make a cinderblock wall compelling or interesting or beautiful–that is rewarding. I have been exploring the range of my cinderblock work for many years now, and still I am intrigued. I love to experiment with the subtleties of surface texture, of mortar and stucco. The variations seem endless. Whether I adorn them with portraiture, prehistoric cave images, or simply abstract fields of color, what draws people in is the cinderblock itself. This common building material has something more to say….

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"Nolan !! I'm a fellow aei graduate (Art Serve in Fort Lauderdale). I was in the inaugural class and you were a presenter if my memory serves me well; am also a friend of LeeAnna Yater. Nice to see you were found by artist-a-day !! Faire Thee Well."

"Nolan,We met at Jack and Mac's when you lived in the Grossvener (sp.?) condo. Have been following your work over the Internet. Your work has changed greatly. I have another artist friend, Michael Palmer, from Ogunquit, Me.and Ft. Lauderdale and Key West. Ever hear of him? Would like to keep in touch. Drop me a line.Don"

"you are not alone too nolan!because i like your feeling & the way that you choose to show it!be success!"

"you are brave and beautiful I wish there were more brave artists like you"

"i love this. it gives me inspiration to keep living another day. I feel alone a lot of the time and this tells me that i'm not. whoever did this is a true genious!"

"This is the artist from yesterday. I really liked this, and it was great, but I was looking forward to seeing some new art today. I guess since it came up again I'll leave a comment. I really like the detail in this artwork. The text "You are not alone" leaves an amount of mystery and almost suspense. If I were walking down the side of the road I'd probably take a picture of a wall that were painted like that."

"I just looked at this artist's website and was blown away. Obviously anyone who chooses to do paintings of cinder block walls knows they are not for everyone. Personally, I get the aesthetic."

"WhenIi saw this picture for the first time I was going through a difficult time and once I saw it I just felt better, like, "wow i think i just got a message".. it's great that you can do that through art..thank you."

"worse than not liking someone's art is not being able to get the art of the day to change to another artist's work or at least something different by this Nolan fellow!"

"I do not like this art. the message is good but i find little artistic in something that is so common, especially in urban settings..."

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