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Fernanda Veron  Rome, Italy

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About Fernanda

Fernanda Veron believes it”s important to sometimes have your head in the clouds, and belong to the past and future while simultaneously remaining in the present. Every moment is fleeting, but Veron is there to document every passing emotion. She asserts that, despite the fact her works seem to resist an existence in a single time frame, they are autobiographical, and perhaps a testimony to her refusal to live solely in the present.

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"Marvellous Art"

"Beautiful in a seemingly disturbing way. This great art makes you think. Your head in the clouds is one thing about this picture that makes it beautiful, but the memories it makes you think of seem to be scary. I love how this makes me think.Wonderful."

"What absolutely STUNNING work. I love the etherial effect of the clouds. I will definately be following your passion more in the future"

"this is truelly outstanding. i love itt!!"

"Wow, Stunning with great imagination and mysticism.."


"These photographs speek many words and I feel like this sometimes. I just want to keep my head in the clouds and not wake-up to this cruel world we live in."

"i love to have my head up in the clouds, it's so peaceful like and this is amazing work."

"I really, really like these!"

"I like the use of dim colors and tunnel vision lighting to capture the semi-conscious euphoria. I also like the commentary (though I don't see how it's relevant to the paintings) that we belong to the past and future in addition to remaining in the present. I think the recent interest the Western world has taken in Eastern philosophy, has caused a shift in the belief that all that matters is the Now. This denies human's unique ability to represent what has already happened and use reason and intuition to predict what will happen."

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