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Franco Brambilla  Milan, Italy

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About Franco

As a digital artist devoted to sci-fi I have illustrated all the most important classics of the genre (from Asimov and Dick to Gibson, Simmons and Bear). Since 1998 I have also been the main illustrator for the Urania sci-fi mass market books by Mondadori. Urania is a sci-fi book collection born in 1952 and still the largest sci-fi literature reference in the Italian panorama.Airstudio ( is a lab which I created with my friends Pierluigi Longo (illustrator, musician and dj) and Giacomo Spazio (artdirector, painter, graphic designer, musician and dj): it is a common playground of creativity where we produce collective illustrations, graphic and musical works.

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"i really like the creativity of this peice"

"oh, we're having tea?"

"I think that the 50s vision of a future / aliens is probably the coolest of any recent decade. 80s was pretty cool too with mutants, slime, and crazy spaceships."

"beautiful, very high quality. The first one makes me smile."

"Interesting fantasy."

"While the subject matter is not my cup of tea, I agree that the work is a throwback to the 50's and in that sense is well-done."

"A nice throwback to the alien craze of 50's!"

"A "pro" and it shows - love your work!"

"Fun stuff!"

"Fantastic work! If you don't work in film you should because I think your ideas would translate easily into this genre and would produce some amazing work."

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