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Karen Ann Myers  Charleston, SC

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About Karen Ann

I am exploring what it means to be a woman in today”s society. While my solitary female figures are strong and confident in their sexuality, these paintings also offer a glimpse into the confusion and doubt felt by women in their moments alone. In this way, my paintings serve as psychological self-portraits. Each one is a reflection of feelings and experiences that I myself have gone through, and each is a projection of the progression of my moods and emotions while painting them. Through this projection and reflection of myself in my paintings, each work has a strong link with self-portraiture.

I am also interested in infusing these paintings with a true emphasis on sex and glamour inspired by the cult of beauty in contemporary mass media, and exploring how this world affects my central female figures. The duality of these three dimensional human forms and their flat intricately patterned surroundings is a juxtaposition that I enjoy emphasizing in my paintings. By highlighting the dualities of confident but confused women and flat but somewhat three-dimensional compositions, I strive to present a personal yet universal depiction of the world of women.

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"I really, really like the first painting. The pose of the girl suggests vulnerability and openness, but the overheard view creates a disconnect between the observer and the subject."

"Makes a person wonder what the girl is thinking in the regular bedroom scene...seems as if she is in deep thought about something very important. Great"

"If the artist's work is meant to explore what it means to be a woman in today's society, then why narrow the focus down to women's sexuality? Relatedly, why are all the compositions confined to the bedroom (and in other paintings, the living room)? While I'm at it, why is the nature of contemporary womanhood explored only by way of young, conventionally hot women (as well as the pre-nubile versions of the same)? If these are works meant to reveal a woman's state of mind "in their moments alone" then why are their subjects looking directly at the viewer? The artist's description of her work, and the work itself, don't square."

"It's wonderful I feel like I'm in the art"

"And the text -- overloaded with "art" vocabulary to the point of being obscure."

"I find them very commercial, superficial, and especially the one on the flag -- has a hackneyed, overdone expression. How many times has everyone seen a girl posed like that? The technique is like advertising, nothing special . . The one at the top is a bit more interesting, I guess - but she looks as if she's floating over the bed, and not grounded IN the bed, sinking into the covers, which says to me her drawing skills aren't all that great. Bland - not very exciting or interesting."

"Love the angle on the first, though I'm not wild about the second? You wouldn't expect it to be from a bird's eye view!"

""I?m not comfortable w/the depiction of sexuality on our countries flag."One presumes that Americans procreate asexually."

"Thought provoking... These are some issues that definitely warrant a closer look - and I think the title for the stripes and stars one is PERFECT. Bravo! I mean Brava!"

"Darlene,If you take another look at the painting, the girl is NOT on a flag. It is merely a striped bed covering, with stars on the wall. The illusion was obviously MEANT to evoke a sense of discomfort while not actually disprespecting the flag in any way."

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