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Walter Robinson  San Francisco, CA

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About Walter

I use my work to investigate the ways that we create identities out of the products we consume. Branding, corporate logos, mascots, cartoon characters, advertising text and signage are the semiotic sources I draw from.

To undermine the power of product logos that surround us, I tweak their scale or context, or combine them in disjunctive pairs. Sometimes I restage contemporary geopolitical events, using childhood icons to provoke the shock of corrupted innocence.

I consciously use seductive surfaces and saturated colors” the same tropes employed by advertising”to draw my audience into examining their relationship to consumer culture and it”s effect on the environment and world events.

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'Horse Power'




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"I am impressed with how transparent the link is between the artists statement and the actual execution."

"Strong message found in hidden meanings, pointed, thought provoking on many levels, and quite beautiful."

"oh yea, i get it."

"Wonderfully thought out work to evoke strong feelings. So much irony, I love it!"


"I love the suv being towed by horses, all covered in mud, and I think Remington would have liked it as well. Fun and thoughtful."

"DDAANNGG! You're good. Actually no, you're fantastic! I think the same as vashist, you are incredibly creative, and what you do makes me think about the way the past and the future relate. I just love your work."

"Thoughtful work."

"wow...i think the way u think .....very very creative ideas...and g8 work ....keep it going all the best hope to work with u some time"

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