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Kareem Rizk  Melbourne, Australia

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About Kareem

Kareem Rizk is a Melbourne based Australian artist who graduated from Monash University in 2004 with a Bachelor in Graphic Design. This course encouraged a rich influence of mixed media techniques which has always been evident in his work. Rizk”s initial ambition was to forge a career as a Graphic Designer. However it was a short time after the completion of the university course that a more prominent interest in fine art became the focus of his endeavours.

Rizk started making collages in 2005 but it wasn”t until 2006 that an emphasis on promoting new work began. After only a few weeks of promoting the work Rizk was offered several opportunities for printed publication and exposure in Australia and the UK. Shortly after this came offers to exhibit his work in galleries.

Working mediums include collage, acrylic, oil pastel, pencil, solvent transfers and acrylic transfers. The work is highly textured and often multi-layered with a nostalgic and weathered quality. Many works are vibrant with colour, while others display a very refined or minimal palette. Rizk’s working methods also extend to digital collage with a very gritty and realistic display of texture and layering. The digital work is very much an experimentation in blurring the line between handmade work and digital work.

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"His blog has pictures of more pieces that I think better represent his work than these. At first glance I think it's kind of boring, but I was glad I took the time to look up some more work."

"To heck with Darlene's comment. These are great! I love the aged quality and timeless feel. Plus I'm a graphic designer myself so I especially like the typography thats included. This kind of collage takes ordinary imagery and completely turn it inside out and gives it a whole new purpose when combining it amongst the other elements. I think its got great character and I may even buy some prints from the artists site!"

"I felt like I was missing something! Was I?"

"Visually compelling mixed media."

"I'm afraid I'm not impressed. Leaves one wanting. Dull, starchy and blan."

"Wow, these are amazing pieces, and i love them both for different reasons"

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