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Claire Feng  Washington, D.C.

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About Claire

Claire Feng’s paintings focuse on suspended instants and play with the ambiguity between the frozen transient moment of a photo and the physical presence of an active painting. By subverting the original image into her personal readings, she leaves the viewer in front of the suspense between the catch and the escape, the obvious and the uncanny, the appearance and the unknown.

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"kudos to Sylvain.. well said!!!"

"reminds me of a hockney painting."

"Kudos on a fantastic body of work. Many of the images in the painting portfolio on your website got all of my chakras spinning in harmony! Loved the 'overexposed' kids on stage."

"The words describing these paintings are right on! It would be hard to describe them any other way. The artist did a wonderful job and I enjoyed viewing immensely. Keep up the great work."

"like very like this painting"

"the brushwork is direct and forceful, a little brittle like Whistler's bridge painting and Constable in microcosm. Whatever gets you going!I responded, and also practice the photo motif.Wish we were neighbors"

"Nice to see contemporary scenes of life. I enjoy the energy of your brush strokes."

"you're a great painter, I think it would be cool if you tried painting some really colorful abstract pictures, that would really compliment your painting style"

"Paintings are a caught moment in life. Nice."

"These are very nice. The top one especially reminds me of late 70's early 80's famous painter Eric Fischl. Only much less controversial subject matter, but it has a bit of the same feel of being an outside viewer."

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