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Beth Lipman  Sheboygan Falls, WI

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About Beth

In her current work Beth Lipman presents an interpretation of the ‘still life.’ Each piece is a formal, three-dimensional recreation of a painting (or a detail) from centuries past. The subject matter, now seemingly benign, was in its day laden with Christian symbolism and still life paintings could be seen as veritable battlefields of good versus evil in one complete microcosm.

Still life paintings are a combination of technical achievement, symbolism, and sensuality, reflecting the artist’s skill. Each object was obsessively rendered, the perspective of the composition carefully chosen. In re-contextualizing their symbolism for the America of the 21st century, Lipman renders the paintings material in glass or clay, preserving the original composition in the new object.

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"really?? that is not art. get over it."

"Beth, beautiful pieces. The concept of harvesting a detail to create a new object is quite striking. Glass is a craft material much in the same way oil or egg tempera was a craft medium, however your end product is nothing but art. Love it, keep doing it."

"What beautiful work."

"Congratulations on some outstanding works of art -- as usual. Larry Ericksen misses your creativity at WheatonArts in Millville, NJ."

"woo piled glass nice"

"Umm?? What are the sculptures supposed to be? They are cool, but im having trouble understanding what they are.....HELP ME UNDERSTAND PLEASE!"

"i luv them beutiful ;)"

"Hi Beth! awesome to see you as artist of the day! Love the new work."

"Yay Beth! You Rock! Miss you!"

"Wonderful concept."

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