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Jon Lee  Syracuse, NY

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About Jon

My work is based on personal events and experiences of travel and not just traveling in a physical sense, but also a metaphysical experience, in terms of an altered perception of reality. In some way my paintings and works based on paper serve as a subjective diagram that sometimes take a cursory look at what is going on in today”s pop culture and other times it is highly detailed. I apply high amounts of color and saturation onto a surface. These pigments have a very high gloss almost candy-like appearance to where you can almost see your own reflection, allowing you to be immersed in the paint and have a visceral engagement with the work. Global dispersal and interconnectivity start to manifest in the form of abstractions that pepper the surface and intersect with interconnected lines that represent the fact that we are all connected in some way or another. It is connected in the form of a painting, and it is connected in the form of dispersed energy of a physical nature. The work also strives to reposition and reframe overlapping memories, associations, and images that clutter the mindof a 21st century boy/man/myself. I am the contemporary. The one who is an avid Internet surfer, one who play”s video games online in a community that easy topples 2.6 million people, most of whom I have never met.

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"Next goal: Create a dance based upon these pieces. Nice work!"

"This is really amazing. I am inspired by this type of artwork. Very nice!"

"Very cool!"

"Beautiful images, makes you want to just stare at it to see all that is in it!"

"unique and fresh & stimulating"

"Love it feel like of waiting to see more in thepainting"

"People Like Him..Inspire Me"

"nice work jon, lots going on but you still make it hang together well."

"Love it!"

"This is great work Jon. It certainly speaks to me. I wish I could see it in person."

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