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Mason Eubanks  Minneapolis, MN

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About Mason

My current paintings and drawings are characterized by entire surfaces and forms covered with small incremental marks and/or line-infused ‘blobs” of paint that are built up over time to evolve into sensuous, dramatic wholes. The paintings, for example, are crooked canvases that advance inches from the wall and are encrusted with limpet like globs of mottled appearance. Slow and laborious, my process embraces the generative potential of repetition while also addressing how repetition can be non-static and involve an element of play. Concentrated physical interaction with materials, mesmerized mark-making, and a child-like fascination with accretion all lead me to create lumpy fields of graphic patterns where ideas of connectivity are toyed with, and where the infinite nature of microscopic, biological, and galactic worlds are insinuated. Juxtaposing excessive simplicity with tender humor and a pleasure in the absurd, these works can be experienced both from a distance, as whole forms, and on a more intimate level, in constellations of detail, and where hundreds of repeated and often eccentric elements become revealed.

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"Love the black/white images! You just want to reach out and feel the art not just look at it!"

"This really speaks to me, what it says is I have way to much time on my hands, and no desire to actually work."

"wow, at first I thought I was looking at satellite images! I like this work."

"Amazing...I keep going back to the website to stare. I can't imagine how long each piece took."

"i luv the art it is so good"

"kinda weird if you ask me, but weird in a good way. Keep up the good work Mason!"

"Unique and very interesting. Visited your site, loved the Blue painting (and the rest too, but especially that one).Great work."

"Very interesting."

"really enjoy these! like the drawings a lot too...."

"AMAZING! graphic images are my absolute inspiration!"

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