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Vincent Fournier  Brussels, Belgium

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About Vincent

About “Space Project” (left):

“Space project” is a reflection of Vincent Fournier’s fascination for space. His photographs are allegories and criticism for our dream of a science fiction utopia. Often science fiction describes another future world based upon the world we live in now. Looking at the photographs of the simulated Mars habitat (MDRS) built in a desolate and rocky desert of Utah gives us a feeling of a science fiction movie though all exist for real. It reminds us how the cosmonaut Buzz Aldrin described the lunar landscape in terms of its ‘magnificent desolation”. The ambivalence between fantasy and reality in Vincent Fournier’s photographs confronts the myth of space race with a sense of irony. It appears like a magnificent children’s play provoking a diffusion between waking and dreaming. His ghostly, composed photographs–mysterious, space-suited men walking on a vast desert plain, a researcher quietly sitting in a blindingly white sterile environment, abandoned monitors blinking codes in a simulation room’have an otherworldly, unreal aesthetic. In these fascinating images, Fournier explores the paranoia and darkness of man’s attraction to the disconnect of space.

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"I like how realistic this painting was, with just enough resemblance to our own earth as the make you wonder if it is, but then the strange colors pull you into thinking it's not, however I would so much like to think that this /is/ our world, as it is so beautiful in the rolling hills and the dark and light patterns. I'm sure there is somewhere on earth that holds this beauty, I would love to find it. Amazing job :)"

"looks like either 2001:A Space Odyssey or Alligator Sky by Owl City"

"MY REVIEWpic a; between man and his much exploits on the universe, is an irrational syntesis on the universe.pic a; standing strong against the cunny phenomenoms of living."

"These are really cool photos. I like the alien colors. The spacemen projections are in the right proportion to the backgrounds. Very clever!"

"so cool luv it"

"Is space truly the last frontier? Billions spent to walk on a desolate, rocky, dry and uninhabitable terrain. Man is truly overwhelmed by the awesome sterile surroundings, where fantasy, fiction and reality meet in the artists pictures. He has shown us this new reality, the dichotomy between fact and fiction."

"amazing, beautiful, great colors and tone!!!"

"Just really like this idea of walking around on another world. Thanks"

"Love these photos; am unable to access the Fournier site unfortunately. Where are these photos taken?"

"Is it just me or do these images remind you of Heavy Metal?"

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