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Steve Poxson  Leicestershire, UK

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About Steve

Steve Poxson’s photography creates images that present the world through a unique viewpoint, creating images that show us objects under a new light. He creates images unconventionally, playing with the process of photography and what this will represent in the image itself.

In the age of digital photography Poxson is reinventing this form by emulating the early processes of the photogram. To create his alluringly decorative images, the photographer places the objects that interest him on a flat bed scanner, through which he is able to elevate these objects into something extraordinary, whilst questioning what a photograph really is and how we understand the medium of photography.

Previous work was selected by Creative Review in their photography category of their ‘Best Degree Show Work 2007’ and has featured in the British Journal of Photography. In 2008 Poxson also won a prize in the ‘Nikon Discovery Awards’ for his Abnormal Beauty Series.

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"MY REVIEWpic a; a phenomenal nature of flies.pic b; individual inefficiency of a lifeless/inactive system."

"wow-kind of creepy and cool at once. wonder if special effects were used or if there were actually a zillion flies and mice."

"I'm still learning about arts but photography is just too much for me. I wish I knew the meaning behind each of your works. If I may say it your works look bizarre but interesting."

"Well,. first of all, i don't get it at all. Second, I sorta think it's creepy. And third, who wants tto see dead mice and flies?[no offence, though, i'm sure you're a great atrist:)]"

"Love Love this,just super great!!!!Do you do wallpaper??????XXs Cat"

"Interesting but ,huum"

"Why are the mice dead?"

"Like the mouse one!But the fly one makes me remember when a fly got in my ear...=("

"Is one pic supose to be bugs and the other one rats."

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