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Michael Johansson  Malmo, Sweden

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About Michael

Swedish artist Michael Johansson assembles piles of common, everyday objects into monolithic sculptures and installations. Since graduating from Malmö Art Academy in 2005, an odyssey into the ordinary
has been the main focus of Swedish artist Michael Johansson’s work. In his playful installations and sculptures Michael puts the qualities from daily life objects in opposition to their field of application. By repetition, displacement of scale and new function he questions the receivers interpretation of the unique.

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"Good to see there are other artists influenced by Louise Nevelson"

"I think personally their lovely, the way these different sized,shaped objects have been created into one. Its like every object has a particular role into completing this work of art. No matter what size or shape or purpose but the fact they fit together to complete something as one, makes it lovely... i cant find the right words to explain what i mean really ..argh! basically i like them."

"O my goodness, you're composition skill is so amazing."

"I want that top one for my room."

"How inventive! Sure, they are everyday objects, but Malmo makes them seem creatively fresh."

"something that is interesting both conceptually and formally!"

"Better than clever and aesthetically compelling. Hope to see more of your work out there."

"Unusual and interesting."

"These pieces seem to have a oxymoronic, chaotic order. what is it about order that satisfies some and drives others crazy? I like this and I think it's because everything fits together so nicely."

"Absolutely awesome work! I agree with Karate Dork, Finally!Very inspiring, different and witty. Bravo!"

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