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Michael Davis  Brooklyn, NY

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About Michael

I’m interested in what I don’t know. I don’t preplan my paintings. I don’t draw them out on the canvas and fill them in. The relationship is left open between my reflection in the mirror and what ends up on canvas. The painting sometimes tells me what to look like and vice versa. I go to the painting with what I have and what I have is myself.

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"Your first few sentences struck a chord. Your work seems to show confidence without pretense. Congratulations."

"Man, that sure looks like a painting ofRodney Dangerfield."

"i think its cool"

"MY REVIEWpic a-timely attempt on evicting mental stress.pic b-demistification of the triangular nature of the human mind."

"did your life make you so sad?"

"The painting of the older fellow is really exceptional."

"The work is phenomenal, love the symbolism and reality of the hands in the self-portrait, plus the amazing colors. I'm awed! Congratulations."

"I really like the gestures. Your work is somewhere between photorealism and portrait but that's because I see the way how the colors values are in these two."

"Michael, you were "throwing down some moves" on the days you worked on these two!.Exceptional!Yeah! I wish I could paint like that!"

"Pushing the color right to the edge and hammering it there.Extraordinary."

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