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Mike Simi  Seattle, WA

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About Mike

I merge digital technology with everyday objects to create art systems and installations that question the poetics of interaction. I create a diffusion layer between personal experience and the obfuscating nature of language and images. My artwork attempts to explain what it is like to be an unremarkable human living in contemporary society. I am interested in people’s quiet struggle with the apparent distinction between the world of spirit and the everyday world.

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"mike simi is a god walking here with us mortals"

"These pieces show me deep feelings and thoughts - and much TALENT! I've long been a fan of Mr. Simi's work and I hope he continues to WOW us!"

"Very unique,this man definately, puts alot of thought, time,and effort into his work!!"

"The first photo is interesting. When you imagine yourself as the board or cork thing and all the sticks are your problems and desperations that are introduced to us in life. You have to realize that in the end we will end up just like that pourous and riddled with our problems. But maybe im being too deep. like what "notquitesosane" said "to each his own.""

"I normally try to only say positive things about all the art/"art" I see here. That being said, I am of the opinion that Mr. Simi's work is a collection of neatly fashioned props."

"Looks like pieces of confetti stuck inside a sponge."

"i see art is just what you search yourself to see"

"these pieces make me feel hungry, thirsty and sexy."

"i really dont understand this guy iteresting work but in wierd way"

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