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Chris Berens  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

'Northern comfort'
'Hide and seek where 's William'

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About Chris

Chris Berens paints visions of his inyernal universe as if he sees it through an ancient handmade lens which warps and obscures his view of that curious place in unpredictable ways. His kaleidoscopic mirror world, inhabited by an exotic lost children, is richly represented with color palettes, environments and themes reminiscent of Golden Age Dutch painters like Vermeer and Rembrandt, yet its overall effect is vaguely disturbing, in the manner of Rosamond Wolff Purcell and the Brothers Quay.

Recommended by our guest curators

Brooke Shaden

Los Angeles, CA artist

"Chris Berens is creating work that begs you to look for longer than a lot of art does. There are details within details, and illusions where you least expect to find them. There are shapes that pop off of the screen, yet there are even more shapes within those that draw the eye in and hint at stories within stories. Clearly there are layers to his paintings, and what I love most about it is the way that the colors and subjects are seemingly of a fairy tale world, yet there is darkness within. If each component stood on its own, they might not seem so mysterious; yet when put together, they take on a new life that creates a story not yet told."

Kirsten Anderson

Owner, Roq La Rue Gallery

"I just adore Beren's paintings, he is a definite favorite of mine. Not only does he employ a pioneering painting technique that boggles the mind, but his images are truly "dream" like, in the way they are so evocative, enigmatic, and elusive."

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10 of 30 reactions displayed

"its good work art"

"I love these paintings, beautiful but a tad scary looking."

"Love the way it's like layered and shows diffrent time periods. Fantasic and not lyterial, which I love"

"Chris is painting the new Blondie album!Love love both."

"I enjoyed this very much. A child's imagination without the sickly sweet innocence."

"Reminds me of the Lord of the Rings charactures captured on canvas. Love it!"

"these paintings are like the series alice these paintings are of the inside of a persons inner heart that is saddened or hurt/lost. it is very eary but very interesting!"

"this is so lovely !!"

"Your talent is evident....your message and expression needs to be more positive to hit a larger market. Not everyone will want to view this stuff on a larger scale. Yes...some will and maybe it will be the percentage that you need; know what I mean ?? Just not my cup of artistry....!"

"Wow this is very amazing i love it its really a conversation piece that can be stared at for hours or days."

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