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Timothy John-Luke Smith  Little Ferry, NJ

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About Timothy John-Luke

Timothy studied in the classical tradition of drawing and painting from the early age of 15. He was accepted into the prestigious High School of Art & Design in New York City. There he studied with the watercolorist, Irwin Greenberg and illustrator and painter, Max Ginsberg. These both talented and well known artists instilled in him the values of diligent study from life and the study of the old masters.

After graduation with a Regents Art Diploma, in June of 1985, he took art history classes at Long Island University, Southampton, NY. This year of intense study was crucial for his direction. He found the work of the French Neo-Classicists and the French Academic schools to be guiding lights for his technical study of painting and drawing.

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"If Timothy Smith lives in Bergen County i'm puzzled as to why his work hasnt been showcased somewhere? It's inspiring!"

"Truly a gifted painter: a one of a kind talent. All I will say is that, ??it??s about time?."

"The first one is pretty cool."

"Excellent work!"

"Very interesting work."

"wow these r amazing.....they really speack to be"

"this is weird"

"I also have the feelings associated with rum. These real souls are trapped by two different powerful inventions and those who have been there or taken advantage of someone with these mediums will feel these paintings throughout their body."

"Excellent work! Love these a lot."

"These paintings are amazing"

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