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Motoi Yamamoto  Ishikawa, Japan

'Floating garden'

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About Motoi

Born in Onomichi, Hiroshima, Japan in 1966, Motoi Yamamoto worked in a dockyard until he went to school and received his B.A. from Kanazawa College of art in 1995. Since that time, he has had numerous exhibitions and residencies and won many prestigious awards.

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Jeff Demetriou

Atlanta, GA artist

"There are very few artist in history whose work you view and are left with feeling and contemplating things you rarely feel or contemplate when viewing work. Yamamoto is one of those artist. Not only are his forms, medium, and scale simply amazing, the process by which the work is created in itself is almost a meditative and/or spiritual experience. This 'deeper connection' likely involved in his process is completely communicated through the work, and commands a reverence one usually reserves for sacred places of worship or beauty."

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"urban sprawl"

"wooow, those are AMAZING.his awards are really worth it. love them."

"The video is very interesting. His demonstration mezmerizing. Knowing Mr. Yamamoto's sister died of brain cancer helps me understand his work. The sand strips look like the folds of a brain. Sadly, there are empty spaces which represent the sections ravaged by the disease.In response to death, he brings this painstaking and beautiful work to life.I will take this to heart, as one of my loved ones died two days ago. Thank you, Mr. Yamamoto"

"Omg luv it =P"

"Very creative work. Simple and elegant."

"wow so cool"

"wow thats awsome how beautiful thankyou for sharing it with us!!!"

"Well, this is artwork that can only be a 5 as it is done for personal healing. If I were to comment, it would be that on first glance at the picture I thought, "What is this now?" However, when I got a good view from the video I realized how intricate this was and how meticulously painstaking this work is and actually quite beautiful to view from the aerial view. In addition, watching him do a demo, well, its transience and fragility is a whole other thing to ponder."

"Amazing!very clean too."

"This work is so beautiful! I love the hugging lines that cuddle in close to each other for security and direction and purpose. It's soothing to look at and harmonious. It reaches out to me offering peace through order, space and nonspace."

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