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Ina Jang  New York, NY

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About Ina

My on-going project is an interpretation on the world I dwell. It is a world where people interact with paper objects and blank walls. They seem isolated, emotionally neutralized and void of identities.
In such a quiet world, what really matters left in the empty space in the photographs. I try to find an answer in the work by paying more attention to what is not there; I portrayed world as a giant white canvas. Nothing is too mundane and too precious in this body of work. It may suggest a disposable lifestyle of new generation, but I wish them to remain somewhat whimsical and hopeful in the end. After all, it is still the world we live in.

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"Very Interesting...It seems so desolate"


"wow- love it! for me, it's a visual expression of how I feel deep feelings in everyday rooms and places. Like the tied socks- feels like a family connection u may or may not want no matter what direction either of you are going in life- sisters who arent getting along- tho connected but still dont really "see" one another. Simple yet profound."

"Not for me. Not to be rude, but I think this is the kind of thing that gives art a bad rep."

"its way to blank for someone like me. I paint with bright happy colors.....this just seeems glum but that does not mean that it is bad....I just dont like it"

"i absolutely love these pictures they are amazing"

"i like it,it has real meaning"

"Too sad for me."

"very mooving i like it"

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