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Labrona  Los Angeles, CA

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About Labrona

Even in montreal’s deepest winter, rusting freight trains are Labrona’s surface of choice. When painting a train, he never brings along any sketches; instead, a composition will come to mind on the walk to the train yard. Sometime he brings a photo as a reference but he always draws rough lines first, which then evolve into the final oil stick drawing. His drawings on trains are kind of a sketch, he feels, and he refers to his photo album of freight train paintings like a sketchbook.

Classic themes reoccur in Labrona’s work, including human behavior and good-versus-evil power struggles: ‘Painting is my language, so it’s really hard to put into words. I let the work tell the story.’

text by Tristan Manco

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"this work is inspiring. beautiful faces, brilliant use of color. makes me want to pick up those dusty brushes and paint again."

"i <3 it"

"great art fantastic work"

"every time you look at it you see something new!"

"I love this! But you can't tell from these images that they were painted on a train so there's no sense of scale. Are there images of the whole "canvas?""

"Looking at Labrona's other work i would say that i love all of it. Amazing artist. Keep doing what you're doing."

"Amzing, the combination of mixed emotions added a great feel to the work and put a lot more thought into it."

"Labrona's work has basically a modern litugical feel. Wonderful choice of colors."

"I love the social commentary this makes."

"Fantastic!!!! and relieving to see an artist reinvent his/herself.Even though, I'm more fond of his earlier work yet still quite cool."

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