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Dominique Fung  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Dominique

Dominique Fung is a Toronto-based painter who combines a neo-Surrealist vocabulary with a painterly classicism. Fung’s visual narrative focuses on a critical view of the cultural diaspora that connects seemingly separate identities. Fung reinterprets iconic North American and Canadian landscape paintings from the 20th century by displacing subjects and interjecting elements that represent the cultural diversity present in the current generation, in order to re-examine that space. Fung has exhibited her paintings in USA, Spain, Canada. Her works often incorporate references to her extensive traveling experience..

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"Haunting and vivid, these pieces are simply amazing! Kind of like children's-book-illustrations-gone-bad... Kudos to Dominique!"

"its wierdi like it! =]"

"I was lucky enough to be shown with Dominique over this past year with "The Kids Are Alright Tour" and I can't be more excited to see more work from her in the future.It's so funny to hear all the "Art Critiques" comments. People were complaining about my work being to scary and bloody as well. I thought an art site would have a lil more free-thinkers instead of conservative art critiques. I say keep it up Dominique, I think your work is beautiful and engaging!"

"I like the emotions portrayed on their faces.. and the color in the backgrounds. It really draws you in. Bravo."

"wow thats awsome i like the one with thw two girls and the water fall"

"i love how interesting these are. amazing work. how do you think of these things?"

"I think that this artist is unique. I give them a thumbs up."

"Wow. These portraits are amazing. Everyone who hates them needs to lighten up a little and see the skill and innovation. They're not meant to shock you--they certainly didn't shock me--just contemplate the meanings behind them and the skill it took to put such a translucent images with the drips. I'm confident we'll hear more from Dominique Fung in the future. Just curious: Doesn't anyone who actually enjoys art look at this website? Because anyone with any type of an eye can certainly see the beauty in these pictures."

"The surrealism is amazing, and can be charming as well as serious, I really enjoy her use of colour, nothing outputs the other and they still make statements. Lovely!I especially loved the pomergranate one, the marine life, and the bloody ones as well. Besides, where is it demanded that art always be 'cute'? Not all emotions are orchestrated, the raw and down-to-earth can be as subtle as smiles and hugging. I think Ms. Fung has mastered this emotional maturity wonderfully. :-)"

"The top one on this display seems unfocused in its composition, and the mixing of cultural symbols is confusing. The bottom one has more flowing use of color and line, but its meaning is fuzzy--why is the bird (and not a bird that hunts land animals) holding a rabbit, for insance? Why are the children using buckets to pour paint on piles of rabbits? There seems to be a ritualistic reference, but it's lost on me. Use of blood & violence has a place only if it has meaning, and what it means here is unclear."

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