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Andres Guerrero  San Francisco, CA

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About Andres

Andres Guerrero, a champion of the urban art movement, began his career in graffiti art. Guerrero now enjoys working in the grey area between street art and fine art. Formerly co-owner of the White Walls Gallery in San Francisco, Guerrero has curated numerous art shows in California and abroad.

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"I'd say that the artist hasn't left graffiti yet."

"This is so awesome, it's a perfect mix of street and classic.I love the idea and the whole piece in itself.<3 it"

"helps one pause to think"

"Really cool. Is that a grateful deadhead or what?"

"My first impression--WOW!! I love it! Great Job!"

"There is something about this painting. The crucifixion of capitalism!? I can't describe it, there's something religious about it, something foreboding, something "eeringly" true and intimate about it."

"Nice i like it"

"Really Terrific! I get bored with seeing skulls everywhere these days, but this surpasses the usual. Very 3 dimensional Love it!"

"this is actually really good."

"As always, great."

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