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Saelee Oh  Los Angeles, CA

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About Saelee

Saelee Oh’s ‘Tangled Tales” is a collection of paintings and sculptural explorations of the sorrows and hopes brought on by love. Oh invents rich imaginary worlds ruled by mythic creatures and flora, as experienced from the eyes of a female protagonist. Each piece is a whimsical vignette’ the adventures of a magic ghost cat, a subterranean rendezvous, and a bundle of letters delivered via moth’ fanciful, romantic, but also complex in emotion. Inspired by folk arts, organic forms, and vintage children’s books, Saelee Oh creates multi-layered works by integrating traditional painting and drawing with three-dimensional paper cut-outs.

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I love Saelee's work. She had this brilliant installation in the project space of a gallery I was showing in a couple years ago, and everything about it just felt very magical. Her work looks great photographed, but is simply beautiful when seen in person.

i love both of these paintings :)

the first one reminds me of a deep sea adventure my aunt went on

I really love artists who have there own world and Saelee is amongst those artist..

The second painting reminds me of the greeting cards that my beloved grandmother would send with a lovely handwritten note.
The first one is a little bit to image-eco-cartoony for me.

i may be young but your paintings are very good i love art but i am not very good at drawing or painting you are a very lucky person!

Delightful work.

beautiful. love the woman diving & the mixed styles: the cut-paper look of the drowning animal with womb.

I just LOVE the second picture.

AWSUMNES! Ilove these unique peices of work!!! :):):):) :P:P:P:P

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