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Hugh Leeman  San Francisco, CA

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About Hugh

Hugh Leeman is a self taught, San Francisco based artist. His gallery work has been exhibited in New York, San Francisco and at The Museum of Mexico City. Recognized for his gallery portraiture which captures in raw emotion the lives of his subjects whom he meets on the inner city streets. Though best known for his street art which has adorned walls from Varanasi, India to Indiana and from New York, London, and the divided Palestinian Territories to Bogota, Colombia. Most recently Leeman created the first ever MLK mural overlooking his historic birth house. His subjects, often marginalized by society, are recast into potentially heroic roles before adorning walls the world over. His street art has additionally evolved into the “t-shirt project” in which he gives back to his subjects by printing his art onto shirts which they sell and keep 100% of the profits from.

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"Hugh, I just spoke with your Grandfather, Hugh. He was a grade/high school teacher of mine in the early 50's. In speaking with him he told me about you and how proud he was of you. I have lived in So California since the early 60's and I hope to meet you when I visit S.F. next. Your Grandfather is a very special individual, hope you following in his footsteps."

"I am so proud of you Hugh Leeman"

"Hugh how nice. Great work."

"This is a terrific expression of the term "A Silent Cry"."

"Hugh,Bob, Carol and I saw your work at the Artbox in Indy this week. Great stuff we love it.PS You wuld have made your mom proud!"


"Marcel is right. very conor harrington"

"looks great... but the style reminds me to much of Conor Harrington."

"The graffiti art is outstanding. This is art at its highest, provocative thought.K"

"This is amazing work! I am really in love with the first picture! Amazing!"

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