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Pam Glew  Brighton, UK

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About Pam

In my work I try to signal public zeitgeist, current affairs and media attention to politics and war. Our association with war is strong and undeniable, being in a ‘war against terror’ has for many proved disturbing, unsettling and indeed set in a ‘state of fear’.

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"I like it, it's an idea that i normally don't see. I'm from the U.S. and it's just fine to use a flag. People don't need to be so touchy. It's just a flag, we have plenty more"

"Personally, i don't love it, but i like it. I think that these are visually interesting and trying to make a statement. I totally agree with kathryn o., it's very important to visit the artist's website before making any criticism and ranting on about (paraphrasing a previous critic) her using the US flag and not her own flag because she is afraid of ... bla bla bla. FYI, she uses her own flag in some of her artwork. I guess some people are too paranoid so they take it as a personal attack or maybe they are just simply intolerant, i don't know. It's good when Art is controversial, that's the beauty of it. In my opinion discussing and hearing so many different points of view is what contemporary art is about."

"Who is that on the top work?"

"Its a little bit cliche"

"Reminder -- it's important to visit the artist's site to get a true feel for their work. Several people mention the use of the US flag, but on her site she has a number of other nation's flags portrayed as well. I often find things I like better on the website, or see the work in a bigger context which changes my personal "review"."

"totally awesome. love the top one. that flag is so badass."

"I think the work is interesting and it looks great. There seems to be a cultural thing that is not crossing from the UK to the US. After the "war on terror" the US flag took on a totally different meaning, more of solidarity and pride not fear and paranoia."

"I really just don't dig this... when you try to hard to be deep it starts to seem shallow"

"Initially, I was drawn to look at the work because of the flag. However, after looking at the artist's site, I was a little disturbed by the destruction of vintage US flags. Yes, I know, I'm old fashioned when it comes to the US flag. However, it was instilled in me growing up to respect the flag and what it stands for. Perhaps if the artist had not used US (or other country's) flags I would have been more open to the expressions. I just can't past what looks like (in some cases) callous disregard for the flag."

"these are really srtiking and i have the connection with them as i would any other artwork. very nice!"

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