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Jean Bradbury  Seattle, WA

* All images used with permission. Please do not distribute without first contacting the artist.

About Jean

Jean Bradbury paints plants and animals as metaphors for emotional states. Feelings of loneliness, contentment, anxiety and freedom are portrayed by small and often vulnerable creatures in fantastic garden settings.

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"I sae your wonderful paintings (prints) at the flower and garden show, fell in love with a rabbit. Now I would love to have it. Is there any way to purchase it. I believe it was $220.00. Thanks. Mary Alice Ruhmann"

"I love your use of animals; so wonderful!"

"Awe SO CUTE LOVE them both. :)"


"So whimsical, clever and a very good artist.Love they ways these pop out at me and the delicate strokes of the brush. Wonderful!!!"

"Your work seems to be very symbolic. I would love to hear from the artist what thoughts produced these images."

"These are fabulous! These skirt popular culture (who doesn't like a small furry beastie?) and pure objective correlative. Like Disney, if Disney were deeper..."

"Just beautiful! I love these!"

"so cute"

"whats the crack with the animal in the top picture. Is it flying, jumping, or has it been stuffed and impaled on that stem in the centre of the picture???"

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