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Sara Brum  Los Angeles, CA

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About Sara

Originally from San Jose, California, Sara spent much of her adult life moving from one place to another without being willing to stick to one. Along the way she has used packing tape to lift bits of her surroundings. She sticks the tape onto paper in order to take that moment with her to the next place.

In 2003 Sara was invited to participate in the Arts Mentor Program at Santa Monica College and is a member of the Los Angeles Art Association. She has participated in many group and juried shows and is one half of Littlelift.

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"Hi Sara, im touched with your touch,i dont have never doubts,you always Win!you are awesome girl!!miss you"

"I love your work Sara. Truly a bright light. Your work makes me feel the depth of my existence. Sounds cheesy but true.Thank you for sharing your vision.Kadi"

"Absolutely fascinating and a compelling use of backgrounds to compliment subjects. Particularly in the second painting, the background ALMOST becomes the subject yet it never obfuscates or overpowers. Fascinating and original perspective in painting one. Seemingly common place image leaves the mind turning in painting two. Tres impressive."

"wow. kacie told me you were an artist, but i had no idea! these are amazing. seriously sara, these are totally legit. let me know if you need a model for any music ones! :)"

"HI SaraI am so proud of you "you go girl" Your dream will come true just like you said, wait and see!!!Please keep us posted on any more happenings."

"you are amazing hun! i miss you guys call me!"

"different and refreshing twist on art as we know it today. no this is not a movie review! immediately wanna search for more then the topical appearance.... i actually have to think. caught you at the hive, definitely art you have to see in person!"

"aaaamaazzing! i love the detailing and layers! you are awesome."

"I Love Your Art!"

"Outstanding! I really love your work, and also love the way you write about it...pleasing on so many levels, but especially to look at."

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