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Mark Rubenstein  Los Angeles, CA

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About Mark

Mark Rubenstein has spent the last 6 years developing his multi-part series Common Place. A personal testament to the emotional challenges inherent within his “coming of age” narrative – set in a surreal world that uniquely encompasses what it means to grow up and examine life in a new way. The series presents a cast of characters that seem to manifest themselves as one being, uniting to embark on a grand journey.

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"i prefer the second one, but both are very interesting. i like how such simple images have so much to say."

"the second one looks very sober and plain, but still very emotional"

"Mature and powerful. Light is used extremely well"

"I would like to see more- his website seems to be poorly constructed, can't really navigate around..."

"Very powerful and moving. I love both of them."


"I love this artwork. I love the simplicity of it all and how interesting it is. Also how it creates a deep emotional connection with the artwork. Nice job."

"...Simple, beautiful, my style. I simply love these. They let out emotion, as if to tell how the artist feels. Very nice, it puts me in a wonderful mood."

"amazing work"

"simple and boring. yea its got an emotional narative but they dont interest me that much"

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