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Marcus Payzant  Phoenix, AZ

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About Marcus

My current work explores the relationship between objects and places which are commonly overlooked or very commonplace. By using these items and pairing them together I hope to generate a commentary that transcends the normalcy of the objects. My work also deals with the relationships between drawing and painting, real and abstract, natural and artificial, and translating the three dimensional onto a two dimensional surface. The tension created by these relationships aids in the process and final product of every piece.

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"Piques my imagination and tells me to be as creative as I want to be, as I dare to be. Sort of confirms to me that I am the boss of my paintings because there is a certain " taking control" by Marcus Payzant."

"Love It!!! This really inspires me. Thats the word I have been trying to say. I really love the simplicity. This is a real piece of art. -M"

"Unsettling visually and topically. My first reaction was to crave something "smoother" and "prettier" but upon consideration, I think Payzant has demonstrated some absolutely superb aesthetic judgment. Not a comfortable series of works, but it was rewarding seeing a voice given to concerns I've just pushed aside and taught myself to ignore."

"I like this because even though it looks both finished and unfinished at the same time.Even though the object don't belong together, they fit togetherPlus I like the colors"

"I like your paintings very much - the colors, the sense of landscape - I feel kind of inside them."

"Unfinished to the edge of perceptibility; startling colors"

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